May 31-June 4, 2018
Sicily, ITALY

Fredrik Haren
Global Keynote Speaker
James Taylor and Alison Burns
Keynote Speaker and Vocal Coach
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You are going to learn:
How to discover and craft your inner theme and signature keynote presentation.
How to get booked as a highly-paid keynote speaker on stages around the world.
Powerful exercises to strengthen and build your voice.
Creating backend evergreen revenue streams from online courses, summits, consulting and coaching.
What meeting planners and conference organizers want from speakers.
The strategies and processes that top keynote speakers use to get booked.
What Is The International Speakers Retreat About?
The International Speakers Retreats are all about growing and monetizing your speaker business.  This retreat is about helping you achieve REAL RESULTS and having fun in the process.
Speech Development
Uncover your signature speech and then craft it into a powerful keynote presentation.
Speaker Positioning
Discover what meeting planners are looking for and how to position yourself to stand out.
Spend three days getting inspiration and ideas from the coaches and other keynote speakers from around the world. 
Stage Skills
You'll learn how to own the stage and the skills used by the great speakers.
How To Get Booked As A Speaker
With a combined 3,000 stages booked in over 60 countries you'll learn how to get booked. 
Speech Coaching
Fredrik, James and Alison will give you live feedback on your speech structure, story, voice, physicality and presentation skills.
The Premier Learning Retreat Experiences
This will be our fifth retreat in beautiful Italy. James Taylor and Alison Burns also produces executive, music and creativity retreats for award-winning authors, performers and celebrities. Our Italy team is focused on giving you the very best experience in which to develop your speaking.

Other retreats take place in London, New York, Italy, Scotland, France and Asia. We are honored to work with Fredrik Haren for this retreat in Italy. We hope you decide to join us to take your speaking business to the next level.